“Patient Safety” : Direct protection of transfusions


‘Patient Safety’ software module ensures Blood Transfusion error elimination


The goal is to make patients’ transfusions safer by reducing the possibility of errors. ‘Patient Safety’ software manages all transfusions at the OR and facilitates best practices. It reduces errors, improves quality of care, streamlines clinical workflows and delivers potential cost savings.

Building automatically a cross-matching library, after the cross-matching laboratory procedure, the ‘Patient Safety’ module is able to validate the right blood bag for the right patient.

Patient Safety Eliminate transfusion errors
1. Scan blood bag’s barcode using your mobile phone
2. Scan the patient’s id wristband.
The green check on the phone’s screen assures compatibility.
The red one stops you immediately, preventing the patient from a severe situation.


Improving Quality Everywhere

Our safety software delivers easy to interpret, highly actionable reports to help continuous quality improvement efforts, by rich information helping complex decisions making.
• Assess transfusion practices in your hospital
• Focus on clinician utilization and compliance
• Identify practices that can be streamlined
• Identify management issues that can be altered to save costs

EMR Integration through ‘Patient Safety’.

Eliminating errors is the fundamental goal of all health professionals in the Hospital environment. Through the ‘Patient Safety’ software platform, our solution brings this to the forefront. CCS’s clinical integration solution connects the laboratory validated blood components to the receiver patient, in direct connection with the blood orders and the patient’s electronic medical record (EMR). It streamlines the workflow and helps the improvement of patient safety while providing measurable financial benefits.

Proven success includes:

• Significant reduction in the number of manual programming steps.
• Elimination of transfusion errors.
• Reduced time of all internal process.


Blood Bank Platform ‘e-AIMA’ incorporates the ‘Patient Safety’ module that significantly enhances Transfusion Safety utilizing internal checks to:

• Create color-coded flags that signal information which should be reviewed
• Display notifications when information is incorrect
• Ensure users cannot proceed if the information is missing
• Help prevent transfusing the wrong product with product safety checks
• Automated safety checks stop users from moving to the next screen until the risk is resolved