Patient Identifiable Data


Patient Identifiable Data


Sometimes patient identifiable data are sent to us in an unencrypted format.
This is probably a breach of the customer organization’s Information Governance procedures and is in breach of your data protection legislation.

If such data is received by CCS it will be destroyed, either by deleting it from our email system or shredding any documentation sent. If the message was sent by email, we recommend you remove the message from your email system.

Please do not send personal or sensitive patient information to us in an unencrypted format.

If the issue you need help with is a generic one, you may provide us a screenshot of an anonymized patient.

If the issue relates to a specific patient, you could instead:
• email us the patients’ hospital number
• ask us to phone you so you can provide us with patient identifiers directly, with no risk of data breach.
• take a screenshot, edit it in a program like paint, scribble over the patients’ identifiable data, save it, then email this to us.
• print out a screenshot and obscure all sensitive patient information, then scan that and send it to us.