“MediFile mobile” : Patient record at your fingertips!

MediFile mobile

An easy-to-use, powerful user Interface is mission-critical for healthcare applications.
An intuitive Interface that easily delivers the right information can actually “save lives”.


‘MediFile mobile’ for smart phones and tablets


MediFile mobile EMR

Immediate access to existing clinical information is inadequate in current medical practice. Lack of existing information contributes to many classes of medical error, including diagnostic and treatment error. A review of the literature finds problems caused by data that are missing or unavailable. A primary recommendation is that hospitals and departments should adopt systems that provide fast, ubiquitous, and unified access to all types of existing data.

Using “MediFile-mobile EMR”, doctors have quick access to patient records, medicines, laboratory results, radiology pictures, allergies and even a real-time view of vital signs. The application is able to tie into Picture Archiving and Communications Systems (PACS) and Lab results databases. Doctors can view directly all patient’s Lab tests and Radiology diagnostic reports and images.

The MediFile EMR application is not read-only. It is fully two-way, letting doctors and nurses enter all that data necessary to patients medical record.