Patients Appointment Scheduler

Patient Appointment Scheduling Software


An efficient way to manage the appointments in health organisations

Patient Appointment Scheduling Software

The Appointment scheduling software is an efficient management system that eases the appointments of the patients at Health Organisations. The Appointment Scheduling module offers an easy to use clever appointment administration, providing the appropriate slot, depending on targeted hospital department. Checks availability of wards, physicians, laboratories and modalities.

Patient Appointment Scheduling Software also captures the pertinent information of the patients, during appointment procedure. The functionalities of the hospital can be automated to provide proficient patient care. The scheduling of patient and physician appointments can be done while viewing the details about schedule of a physician, slots available in his schedule, scheduled slots, blocked slots, tracking of patients and their visits. The Appointment scheduling module offers scheduling appointments for unregistered patients and emergency patients.
Scheduling, rescheduling and manipulating of appointments can be done easily.
Managing of patient records can also be handled effortlessly.

  • Inpatient and Outpatient Registration.
  • One screen for all departments handling.
  • tient Registration Details.
  • Appointment Scheduling (Patient/Doctor/Modality wise).
  • Doctor’s Schedule Summary.
  • Doctors Daily Schedule List.
  • Patient Visit History.
  • Appointments for Radiology tests and Operation.
  • Statistical reports can be generated.
  • Unique patient identifier.
  • Appointment Scheduling, Rescheduling, Cancellation, Wait Lists, Walk-in appointments.
  • View all patients’ previous visitations to the hospital.
  • View Available Appointments, Booked Appointments, Visited patients list
    Telephonic Appointments handling.