LIS Project Justification

LIS Project Justification

It’ is not hard to justify a Laboratory Information System because it often pays for itself. Focus on the following areas for your business case:
LIS Project Justification is easy. MediLab LIS pays for itself!

Improved turn-around times:

What used to take hours can become minutes when using ‘MediLab LIS’ that automates all manual processes.

Capacity and volume increase:

With better turn-around times, it’s possible to increase test runs and patient volume with existing set of instruments and analyzers.

More work, less paper:

Lab staff is able to focus on work that provides more value rather than doing paperwork.

Improved patient safety:

With faster TATs, better access to results, and fully-enforced quality checks, patient safety is improved.
Justification of ‘MediLab LIS’ is an easy issue. It pays for itself very soon.