Healthcare Software Products

Health Information Systems

Medilab LIS - Laboratory Information System

One of the most robust, productive, dedicated and complete LIS solutions available today in Europe. Flexible and rapid system implementation at any laboratory environment.

e-AIMA - Blood Bank Management System

Manages all information related to every aspect of blood banks, such as donor administration, hematology and immunology tests, component management, cross matching, transfusion, blood issues, and inventory management.

MediFile EMR - Electronic Medical Record

Web based Electronic Medical Record platform with enhanced capabilities. Offers user access via mobile devices and interoperability with any Hospital IT system via HL7. A consistent solution for managing and archiving patients’ healthcare record.

Lab Orders - Order Entry Platform

A web Computerised Provider Order Entry System (CPOE) system supporting also mobile access. Interoperates with all Hospital IT systems. A key leverage point to improve laboratory test ordering efficiency, utilisation, and patient care. Supports CDSS application.

HC-LIS - Histology / Cytology System

A full–featured Histology – Cytology Information system with enhanced customisation capabilities for any laboratory size. Comes with advanced features, for managing the daily tasks and eliminating the manual system of audit trails.

QA/QC - Laboratory Quality Control

Designed to detect, reduce, and correct deficiencies in a laboratory’s internal analytical process, prior to the release of patient results. Utilises statistical methods like Levey–Jennings and Westgard rules. Supports automatic results recalculation, in case of a shift.

HL7 Gateway - Interoperability platform

Integrates all existing Information Systems so as to operate as an Integrated Hospital Information System.

MediRIS - Radiology Information System

Services all type of radiology departments. Offers management of all radiology operations. Utilises voice recognition and interoperates via HL7 messages with all major PACS systems.

Dev-Connect - Medical Devices Connectivity

An Application server software that allows connections of all types of Analysers and Medical Diagnostic Devices to LIS, RIS and EMR platforms, using standard or specialised connection protocols. More than 400 models of Analysers, of all types and manufacturers have already been interfaced.

Appointment - Patients Appointment Scheduler

A full featured software application, part of our Health Information Platform. Handles inpatients and outpatients appointments at the Health Organisation. Checks the availability of ward, physician, laboratories and modalities to propose the proper day/time.