Healthcare IT Services

Our expertise in Healthcare Information Systems services, is based on our well educated and very experienced personnel, having deep knowledge of our medical software solutions. We provide support performance management, best practices, and better resource utilization. Industry-specific applications, integrated clinical data, and service line analysis features ensure lower-cost high-quality care and reduce patient safety concerns.

Committed to Continually Advancing Laboratory Practices

We understand that policy and procedure management isn’t everyone’s favorite thing to talk about. You’ll work with an experienced implementation consultant who will give you the guidance you need to make a change that lasts. Each step of the way, from policy upload through ‘go live’, you’ll have the confidence of knowing what’s happening next. Healthcare Information Services of CCS include:

  • Studies for implementation of integrated healthcare systems or autonomous subsystems.
  • Studies and constructions of networks, at a local or wider level.
  • Provision and installation of both hardware and telecommunication equipment.
  • Training on medical informatics systems usage.
  • Provision of specialized seminaries based on customer needs.
  • Specialized software development.
  • Statistical processing of medical data.
  • Services for interconnections and integration of various medical subsystems.
  • Research for prototypes developing.
  • Medical device communication software development.
  • Services for on-site technical support.
  • Services for software application and equipment maintenance.
  • System management services.
  • Studies on European Union research projects.

Our engineers may help you to:

  • Analyze your existing workflow and find the best ways to improve it.
  • Integrate your existing information systems and make them interact with each other.
  • Archive your medical information, reorganize your database and migrate your data to increase security.
  • Communicate with the personnel to ask for any special needs.
  • Decide what information must be printed on paper, burned on a CD or sent to national archiving databases.
  • Automate the reporting procedure using digital dictation/transcription and speech to text solutions.

We also offer excellent Implementation Services and Maintenance and Support services.

We are dedicated to collaborating with you, to address your operational excellence.