Paperless Laboratory

Paperless Laboratory is a shift  from traditional methods of creating, transcribing and reporting data by using the latest technologies. A key point is the importance of not just the data but its context. However, to correctly integrate data, systems automation, requires users to understand how this data is created.

In addition they also need to know what this data means to an organisation, something that is often overlooked. Ultimately, this process helps an organisation turn the laboratory from a cost centre into a value centre.

Paperless laboratoryLaboratory data is not simple. The goal is to make that data useful. We need to leverage the value of that data. The changes arising due to new capabilities for real time access to data. Additionally ‘Internet of Things’-enabled devices helps too, as well as better predictive technologies across an ever expanding and increasingly complex sets of data. Changes will require a shift in thinking and an IT-business realignment.


Manual processes to ensure Data Integrity place large paperwork overheads on analysts.
Working with hybrid systems forces laboratories to manage both formats, paper and electronic.

A LIS supporting paper-free processes, facilitates lab automation. In other words, when a process is transparent, after validation and automation, it is not only more user-friendly but it also makes easier all audits.


Stop Drowning in Paper. The laboratory is going paperless!


A paperless laboratory system functioning can:

  • ensure the highest standard of Data Integrity
  • aid your compliance
  • support your organization on saving time and money
  • enhance the value of your data

In conclusion, the maturity of computing technologies today, offers collections of big data, so the users start to make use of them. Organizations that are most successful at turning data into actionable insight will have a distinct advantage over the coming years.
Above all, value is in the analytics, through the use of these technologies. Therefore the advanced LIS information system, ‘MediLab LIS’, is the tool in your hand, to transform your laboratory to a paperless one.