Interoperability Server
HL7 Gateway

Interoperability Server 'HL7 Gateway'

Interoperability Server ‘HL7 Gateway’ enables interoperability among Hospital Information Systems either medical or administrative. It is a flexible software allowing communication between two or more information systems of either the same or different manufacturers. The software of CCS, undertakes the transport of the necessary data from one platform to the other in real time. In addition, he operation is transparent to the user, who simply notices the existence of the data concerning him, in his own application. Moreover, it supports unidirectional and bidirectional interconnection of messages between the two information systems. Hence, the ‘HL7 Gateway’ software allows the interconnection and the exchange of the necessary data between them.

An illustrating example is the exchange of information between a Laboratory Information System (LIS) and a Hospital Information System (HIS). The Interoperability Server ‘HL7 Gateway’ middleware undertakes the automatic transport of patients’ data and the ordered tests between HIS and LIS. After the release of tests in the laboratories, it enables E.M.R to display the patient’s test results.

Interoperability using HL7

The competence in integration profiles and standards, allows to provide suitable tools to healthcare stakeholders. In order to manage information flows between different applications the Interoperability platform ‘HL7 Gateway’ is absolutely necessary. CCS has implement many types of interoperability by the use of HL7 protocol. Additionally has implement many other connections by developing tailored software, depended on the capabilities of applications to be connected.

In order to deliver truly patient-centered integrated care, we need integrated information management.In short, connected health is better health.

CCS - Interoperability and HL7 protocol

Regarding interoperability and the usage of HL7 messages, CCS is :

  • Pioneer in HL7 usage in Greek Healthcare Informatics
  • Founding member of HL7-Hellas is an affiliate of HL7 International
HL7 Hellas is a non-profit organization established to actively promote HL7 standards both within the Greek territory and  South-Eastern Europe. It aims to spread reliable standards for healthcare data exchange, management and integration of patients data. Additionally aims as well to the management, the evaluation and further development of the HL7 standard protocols. HL7-Hellas is an affiliate of HL7 InternationalCCS is founding member of HL7 Hellas

HL7-Hellas encourages the creation of flexible standards, guidelines, methodologies, protocols and other related services. The standards will be based on those of the HL7 International Organisation. The main goal is to enable the interoperability of information systems in Health & Social Security. In addition, it helps both in the preparation of studies and research. Such help is based on the exchange of patients medical records hospitalized in institutions that adopt these standards. Finally, HL7 Hellas aims to continuously research for further development related to the improvement of the standards.