How to Boost Laboratory Value

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How to Boost Laboratory Value

Nearly all clinical labs and pathology groups now feel the double squeeze of shrinking budgets and less reimbursement from health insurers. That’s why innovative labs are taking steps to cut costs while at the same time developing lab testing services that deliver more value to physicians, patients, and payers. The goal of cutting costs and adding value can be pursued simultaneously by clinical labs. The laboratory can benefit from developing its own set of value-based lab testing services.

In order for the lab’s value-creation efforts to be successful to boost laboratory value, the importance of collaboration between the laboratory and the health system’s clinicians is so crucial, and give you a better understanding of the opportunities (and barriers) of inter-disciplinary collaboration.

Contemporary labs are rewarded for the quality of tests rather than the quantity of testing.

Choose Medilab LIS that offers the right technology to help reducing length-of-stay, achieving positive results for the patient, and savings for the system. Medilab LIS will help you to:

  • Draft a framework for determining the relevance and need for expensive or esoteric tests.
  • Standardizing lab processes through the creation of an institutional formulary, and how to demonstrate the efficacy of such a system.
  • Identifying, tracking, and reducing defects, and improving supplier processes through the use of a defect management system.
  • Find opportunities for reducing unintended OR, inpatient, and specialty clinic testing.
  • Addressing and overcoming the barriers to your lab’s value-creation plan.